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  1. Emir

    Hello , I am using the MEAN stack and i use Mongoose for MongoDB i am wondering how to use the apriori algorithm with node.js and MongoDB , i have results in a database but i am new to algorithms and data structures.
    Can you help me with how to use Apriori in this context?

  2. jp

    Doesn’t seem to work at all and there is very little in the way of instructions. Kind of a waste of time really.

  3. Dennis

    Unmaintained software. Sorry. After 7 years I wouldn’t be surprised if it no longer works at all. It’s open source though. Feel free to update it to current standards and software SDKs 😉

  4. Patrick

    @Duncan source code would be incredibly helpful, could you please send it to me?

  5. Jeff Herron

    I have been using this method for over a year now, and it works great. One question I have is about how to handle transfers of money from one budget account to another. Say I end up with more money than needed in a certain budget account and want to transfer that to another budget account which is short (from Gasoline to Groceries, for example). When I do this, I always end up messing up the reconciliation because if I reconcile it on the “Funds In” side, it removes the check mark from “Funds Out” and vice-versa. Do you have a way of dealing with this?

    A terrific system. Thanks much for any insights on this small niggling detail!

  6. William Whitehead

    There’s an easier way if you’re not interested in tracking expenses for the year (just the month) within GnuCash, and it ties your expenses directly to your budget. Just turn all your expense and savings GnuCash accounts into liabilities. In General Ledger, you then forecast income by depositing into your income accounts, and budget your expenses and savings (liabilities) by withdrawing from them (which posts as a deposit in the actual liability account). Then, as transactions come along in your checking, simply transfer the money to your expense (liability).

    The only downside to this is that you would need to do year-end and YTD analyses with a CSV export and some Excel manipulation, but it eliminates the need for quadruple accounting.

    The net result is that at the beginning of the month, you have a negative income, and positive (funded) expense accounts. By the end of the month, your income should show 0 (actual – forecasted), as should all of your expense accounts.

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